Have Headaches Taken Over Your Life?  Are you looking for Natural Headache Relief from Migraines, Tension Headaches, Sinus Headaches?

The NeuroPlus Institute is the Naperville Area Leader in Natural Headache Solutions.

Have you been to doctor after doctor looking for headache relief?  Have leading headache centers let you down by failing to give you more than another cookbook drug approach for your headaches?

Did your doctor look you in the eye and tell you that you’ll have migraines for the rest of your life?¬† Don’t believe it.

Contrary To What Your Doctor Told You Having Migraines Does Not Have To Be A Life Sentence Of Pain

Millions of women and men suffer from chronic daily headaches.¬† Whether you have migraines, tension headaches or sinus headaches…science has discovered some common underlying reasons you continue experiencing these headaches.

Here’s what I’ve found to be the real underlying causes of most headaches:

  • Damage to the joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves at the base of the skull.¬† These are called cervicogenic headaches.
  • Loss of control in an area deep in the brain called the brain stem.¬† We can test this area and learn if this is contributing to your pain.
  • Changes in function of other brain areas (cranial nerve and hypothalamus for instance)
  • Swelling of the structures that surround the brain (the brain itself cannot feel pain).
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome – inflammation and breakdown of the wall of the intestines which releases pro-inflammatory chemicals.¬† This chemicals can circulate in the blood getting to the brain.
  • Food Sensitivities and Nutritional imbalances

My Personal Headache Story

Living with Migraines, Tension Headaches, or Sinus Headaches makes life miserable.  I should know because both my wife and mother in-law used to have chronic migraines until I treated them.

I’ve seen first hand how the tension builds, how every heartbeat is matched with a pounding pain in your head and how you become desperate to find relief.

The pain can make everyday activities nearly impossible.  Taking care of your family, working, even lifting your head off the pillow can be excruciating.

My wife’s headaches were so bad that she could barely catch her breath after vomiting.¬† I’d come home and find her curled into a ball crying because her head was pounding.¬† Every small movement brought new levels of pain.¬† She would plead with me for headache relief.¬† It broke my heart and started my journey to stop the symptom only approach to headache relief.

Listen, how many times do you want to go from doctor to doctor trying different combinations of medications that really only cover up pain.¬† They don’t really fix anything.

The fact is medications like Imitrex¬©, Maxalt¬©, Zomig¬©, Topamax¬©, Effexor¬©, and other medications may work for a little while but often have bad side-effects or a short “honeymoon period” after which the drugs just don’t work.¬† Running out of treatment options can be frightening.¬† I’ve seen patients come in to see me because they are trying the last available migraine medication.

That tells me they did know they has headache treatment options.¬† Don’t compromise and don’t give up because…

After Many Long Hours Of Study I Have Discovered The 2 Missing Links To Long-Term Headache Relief

  1. Stop the cause of the inflammation
  2. Restore brain control over the blood vessels in the head and neck

Addressing these two things have made a fundamental difference in lives of my headache patients.¬† It may sound easy but every person has different needs.¬† This is why doctors must treat the person not just the condition.¬† I’ve found that no two migraine sufferers are the same so they shouldn’t be treated the same.

The Results Are Amazing!

My favorite condition to treat are headaches, especially migraine, because I see amazing success with my methods.¬† My goal is to eliminate your headaches.¬† A majority of our patient find relief.¬† Doesn’t matter if you have had headaches for 35 years, missed school for a semester or seen failure after failure with medications.¬† There is hope.¬† You have options.¬† Click on the testimonial tab above to watch real success stories from our patients.

“Our Natural Headache Solutions Program Is Different”

Advanced functional neurology and function medicine training leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping you find headache relief.¬† Here is what you’ll receive:

  • Functional Neurology Examination is a must to give a strong understanding of your needs
  • Functional Medicine Analysis to determine nutritional needs
  • Oxygen
  • Neurologically Specific Chiropractic Care
  • Gentle Trigger Point Therapy
  • Glutathione Therapy – quenches massive amount of inflammation
  • Brain-Based Therapy
  • Meridian / Auriculotherapy
  • Cool Laser
  • Frequency Specific Microtherapy
  • Disc Decompression
  • Physical Therapy
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Special Nutritional Program Design for You

Don’t Waste Another Day

Many people say they wish they found us sooner.¬† Why waste another day wondering if your headaches will go away?¬† Let’s discover your specific headache blueprint and unravel the mystery of why you’ve been experiencing chronic headaches.¬† Relief is possible for even the most stubborn cases.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.¬† It’s an alarm warning you to pay attention.¬† You may be tired of going to doctors.¬† You may feel unwilling to put yourself out there again emotionally.¬† Nobody wants to have their hopes dashed.

I understand how you feel which is why I promise to give you all the details about how I can help you on your first visit.  Within 15-30 minutes I will have a clear understanding of what you need to get back on track to living life to its fullest.

You can even start getting relief on the very first visit.

Call our friendly staff today at (630) 357-2299 to schedule your special advance function neurology and nutritional evaluation.  The road to true headache relief is right around the corner.

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